Leesa Dykstra Designs - About Leesa




I am a wife to Matt and mother of two very energetic little boys. I've always had a love for helping people achieve. My passion for design started, simply enough, with a small handmade paper event stationery business on Etsy. After a while I decided to dabble in digital designs. With a little help and an enormous amount of learning, I eventually expanded my portfolio to what it is today.


There comes a moment for everyone when you stumble upon one of the great purposes for your life. Beyond my husband and my children, that moment came when I discovered a talent for design. 

As I applied that talent, I became impassioned in the world of business. Not only in my business, but in the success of my clients' businesses. This talent has now developed into a passion to see the dreams of my clients brought to life. 


I have had the good fortune to work with some absolutely terrific clients. I've worked with everyone from the beginner who knew nothing about their business to the established professionals looking to take their business to yet another level. Each and every one of them has a unique character all their own.