5 Reasons Squarespace May Be Right For You

When deciding which web platform is right for you as a business owner and boss lady, the factors involved can be overwhelming. There are many choices out there and digging through all of the relevant information in order to choose which option is best for you can sometimes cause analysis paralysis.

Today I want to discuss the top five reasons I feel Squarespace is a fantastic choice for female entrepreneurs looking to have a web presence that is professional and customizable but is also easy enough for them to tweak themselves. Having the ability to change minor things on your website with little or no help is a huge plus to this platform and is one of the main reasons I am such a proponent of working on Squarespace!

5 Reasons Squarespace May Be Right For You by Leesa Dykstra Designs

1. Clean Design

Squarespace offers a variety of templates for you to use as the base foundation of your website. From there you can customize to your desired design through the use of their “blocks” system. All Squarespace designs utilize clean, modern lines and beautiful use of white space. Squarespace’s tagline is “build it beautiful” and I think that a quick look at their template choices proves this to be true. I have yet to come across a Squarespace site that does not present a clean and modern feel no matter what customizations have been added to the template.

2. User Friendly

Designing on Squarespace could not be easier. Although, with any system, there is a learning curve. Once you understand the basics of how the system works, it’s a very simple WYSIWYG system. (What you see is what you get).

By utilizing insert points and various blocks for images, text, links, videos, grids, charts, graphs, social media etc…you can essentially build all of the pages on your site to look similar or you can build each page to look slightly different. You are able to see the changes as they are happening and you can easily add, delete, or adjust the design of your page in one simple click.

3. Affordability

For the ease of use, all in one platform hosting, a domain name, and an easy to manage professional website, Squarespace pricing is a no brainer. You can have a personal plan for $8/month billed annually or a business plan for $18/month billed annually. For some other website platforms you have to pay $30+ a month plus also pay separately for hosting the domain. With Squarespace you get everything all in one place, for one price. Sign me up for that!

4. Mobile Ready

Every single one of Squarespace’s templates are optimized to be mobile friendly. When someone clicks on your site from their phone, your template will auto adjust to read perfectly on a mobile device. Nothing will show up too small or take too long to load. The added bonus of not having to do anything “extra” to make your site mobile friendly is a huge benefit in my opinion. Especially now with Google's decision that mobile friendly websites will auto rank higher in searches. The fact that Squarespace decided early on to ensure that every single site built on their platform is mobile friendly shows their dedication to ensuring their users are getting a forward thinking, ahead of the curve service.

5. SEO

Squarespace sometimes gets a bad rap for SEO, but honestly I think that’s more because of intimidation rather than actual poor performance. Squarespace websites come optimized for SEO out of the box and users don’t need to add any additional plugins or workarounds in order to start seeing some SEO gains from their site. Squarespace makes it easy to update page and image descriptions, as well as add keywords and tags without having to worry about whether you are “doing SEO right” or read endless websites and tutorials in order to figure it all out. SEO can be a scary and intimidating subject for many. Squarespace takes away some of that frustration by already doing some of the heavy lifting for you!

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If you are looking for a website provider and/or are currently in the process of looking at a few different options, I hope that this breakdown of some of my favorite things about Squarespace has helped to clear up some of your lingering questions!

Are you using the Squarespace platform? What is your favorite feature or function?